Team Dynamic

Rutledge Moving Systems Inc has been a proud sponsor of a wonderful softball team in the Monterey Parks and Recreation League since spring 2010.  Our sponsored team is "Team "D"(Dynamics) and the Monterey league is co-ed.  Many of our players have played with other team members and other leagues on the peninsula. There is great comradery amongst our players and the teams they play because of the softball history some of the members have with each other.   There are 12 teams in the league and we have proudly taken one 1st place trophy, two 2nd place finishes and two 3rd place finishes since Rutledge Moving Systems Inc started our sponsorship in spring 2010.   We love the positive values and friendships softball has to offer its members.  The athleticism and sport itself is a joy to watch.  You will find the President of Rutledge Moving Systems himself attending most games and cheering the team on.  Sponsorship is also a good way to advertise and get our name out there to show that you care about our community.
In October, Rutledge Moving Systems Inc, will be sponsoring a one-day tournament with 16 softball teams invited to participate. This event will be another great opportunity to get involved and share the comradery and pure fun of the sport. 

2011 Tony Sanchez Invitational Softball Tournament

To see more pictures of Team D in action, or any of our other albums, click Here
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